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Working Actor Track Year 2


Year 2 is all about the Taped Audition!


A MUST class for any actor based in the Southeast as 95% of all auditions are done by tape. The taped audition has become a special skill that is VITAL for every actor to master. If you want to must MASTER this skill. This 8 month series focuses on all the little items actors have to achieve to present a “WOW” taped audition. Did you know casting directors say that less than 50% of taped auditions sent to them are acceptable and worth a look? If your tape isn’t professional-not only in video quality but acting quality, AND FIT ALL THEIR PARAMETERS—they just delete it. Don’t let that happen to you. Year 2 teaches actors all the skills necessary to ensure casting watches your tape—and considers it! After 8 months of weekly practice—how can you not be a pro? If you are a serious actor, you SHOULD take this class.




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After the first month, Actors will tape every week in class. Each month, a new element will be introduced.


Month 1: Foundations & Elements of a Wow Taped Audition


Month 2: Mastering Eyelines


Month 3: What you DON'T say Gets you Booked!


Month 4: Speech Patterns/Identifying your Habits


Month 5: Mastering Under 5 Auditions/Two completely different Takes


Month 6: Researching--the element many actors skip


Month 7: Researching Cont & Showcase Prep


Month 8: Casting Directors of the Southeast/Making Creative Choices that work



***This class for those who have already taken Working Track Year 1 or equivalent elsewhere. Equivalent = knowing how to break down a script, understanding objectives, goals, tactics, moment before/after, love in the scene etc. The actor should already know and do this when they get a script as we expect actors at this level for the Taped Audition Series. We work only on acting skill for the TAPED AUDITION. If you don't know what these terms mean, then you need to take our Working Track Year 1 first.





NO CONTRACT OPTION:  No contract withdrawal policy: No penalties to withdraw or terminate your auto draft payments. However, we must receive your written cancellation 10 days PRIOR to the next scheduled Automatic Withdrawal or termination calculations will start with the next month.  You must email your written cancellation to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

CONTRACT OPTION: In the event that you wish to be released from the Yearly Contract Option before your 9 months or your start month through April is completed, you will be subjected to an Early Termination Fee.  The Early Termination Fee i$280.  Early Termination Fee will be immediately charged to your card on file upon receipt of your withdrawal notice. You must email your written cancellation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .