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Weekend Intensives: Buford


Connect to the Text

Weekend Intensive with Shon Middlebrooks

An Intense weekend learning to annhilate personal blocks that keep you from connecting with the text in a scene.

Ages 16-Adult: Friday August 12: 6:30-9:30pm
                          Saturday August 13 10am-2pm


Shon Middlebrooks1
Shon Middlebrooks
Have you been told "you need to go deeper'" or "You need to connect more'" or "it sounds like you are acting?"  I want to help you annihilate those personal blocks that prevent you from truly connecting to those words written in the script. I can help you take those words on paper and create an atmosphere where your character vibrates with truthfullness and vitality. 
This class includes:
  • Learning the process to connect to the text
  • Making that connection personal to you
  • Exercises to explore your temperment and adding that element to your scene
  • Personal Assessment and feedback 
  • Specific tools tailored to you to help you reach connection
  • Discover your personal blocks and how to break through them
In this workshop, actors will be given individual attention. While the class will be in a group setting, each actor will receive very specific feedback in a way that it feels like private coaching. Actors should come to the workshop with a prepared scene or monologue of their choice. 
 Shon Middlebrooks Bio: Shon’s acting career began at the age of thirteen years old performing in local and professional theatre including: Actor’s Express, Synchronicity Performance Group, Cape Cod Rep, and Luna Stage.  Shon progressed to behind the scene work with stints as a talent agent at The Gersh Agency and Stewart Talent, and casting associate at Sean De Simone Casting (FUSE TV projects). He's currently a casting associate for Tyler Perry Studios-The Haves and The Have Not’s . He also pursues his acting career appearing in USA’s Complications and attending Ohio University to pursue his MFA in Acting. Shon's unique position of working 3 facets of acting: agent, Casting director, actor--gives him the unique ability to see through the eyes of all 3 and guide actors to a  polished and truthful performance.


For this workshop, you will be required to bring in your own scene or monologue to use for class. You can accomplish this in several ways. You can always use an script from a past audition. You can use a script from a current audition you are working on.


Or you can get scenes from these various places:


  1. If you have a showfax account ($70 a year), you can pull a script from there. Showfax is great because it contains scripts from all the current TV and Film projects that are CURRENTLY casting. This means you can pull a script from a show that’s on tv right now to use for practice! This is highly advantageous for this class since you will could be practicing all the things you learn with scripts that you could get called in to audition for by your agent!
  2. International Movie Script Database:
  3. Simply Scripts:
  4. Scridx:
  5. Script-O-Rama:
  6. You can cut your own scene from a TV show or movie