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The Working Actor Track Year 1

Prospective students can audit one class before registering. To audit, please call our office and schedule a time to audit a class.

For students who have completed our Basic Track, or who have agents AND previous ongoing classes elsewhere. This class equips the intentional actor with the knowledge to become a working actor in the industry. In Year 1, emphasis is placed on delving deeper into the audition and on-camera process. Actor's learn to break down and analyize scripts and develop an audition "template". Set knowledge is also taught in year 1. 


                    4-7 yr old class                                  teen class shot




Week 1: Who are you Talking To?

Week 2: Setting

Week 3: Moment Before        

Week 4: Scene Objective/Motivations/Goals


Week 5: Moment After

Week 6: Relationship between the characters

Week 7: Subtext

Week 8: Acting Between the lines


Week 9:  Putting it all together—Your Audition Template

Week 10: Eye Acting

Week 11: Eye Acting II

Week 12:  Continuity I: Physicality


Week 13: Continuity II: Body Characterization

Week 14: Continuity: Taping

Week 15: Continuity Emotional

Week 16: Seminar 1

Week 17: Continuity Body Characterization


Week 18: The Interview & In person Auditions

Week 19: Intro to Monologue,  & Improv

Week 20: Cutting a Monologue & Improv

Week 21:  Monologue Work


Week 22:  Monologue, Taped

Week 23:  Scriptwriting : Monologues

Week 24:  Scriptwriting II: Monologues

Week 25: Finalizing Showcase Monologues & Improv day


Week 26:  Camera Shots: Establishing Shots, Long Shot, Medium shot, Over Shoulder Shot, Close-up, Tracking Shot   

Week 27:  Taping 2 lines of different shots

Week 28:  Taping 2 lines of different shots

Week 29: Seminar 2


Week 30: Emotion Flashcards--monologues

Week 31 – Showcase Prep

Week 32 – Showcase Prep

Week 33 – Improv Day (quick showcase run-through if needed)

Week 34 – Awards, & Improv Day



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NO CONTRACT OPTION:  No contract withdrawal policy: No penalties to withdraw or terminate your auto draft payments. However, we must receive your written cancellation 10 days PRIOR to the next scheduled Automatic Withdrawal or termination calculations will start with the next month.  You must email your written cancellation to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

CONTRACT STUDENTS: In the event that you wish to be released from the Yearly Contract Option before your 9 months or your start month through April is completed, you will be subjected to an Early Termination Fee.  The Early Termination Fee $280.   Early Termination Fee will be immediately charged to your card on file upon receipt of your withdrawal notice. You must email your written cancellation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.