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Alexander Techinique

Alexander Technique is rooted in the performing arts. It focuses primarily on changing habitual behavior. The Alexander Technique offers a clear and measured look into the basic principles that govern human movement. Learners will engage the body and mind to reduce tension in daily activities. The mind and body combination makes this training important for actors. The techniques can be applied through rehearsal routines, performances and even the lessening of nervous tension in auditions. We will focus on presence, performance anxiety, movement, speaking voice, connecting mind, emotions, and body.  Each lesson will incorporate reading and discussion, hands-on guidance, as well as activities to illustrate Alexander concepts. This class requires a serious commitment from each learner.

Goals of this class:

  • Using thought to change habits
  • Learn the art of recognizing our habitual patterns of movement, voice, breathing and expression; the specific habits that we repeat unknowingly from one activity to the next.
  • To achieve true spontaneous response (not habit driven). 
  •  Improvement in coordination, posture, flexibility and freedom of movement
  • To learn Good vocal production which is enhanced by optimal breathing coordination



CONTRACT STUDENTS: In the event that you wish to be released from the Yearly Contract Option before your 9 months or your start month through April is completed, you will be subjected to an Early Termination Fee.  The Early Termination Fee i$280.  Early Termination Fee will be immediately charged to your card on file upon receipt of your withdrawal notice. You must email your written cancellation to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.