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Basic Actor Track

Prospective students can audit one class before registering. To audit, please call our office and schedule a time to audit a class.

 The Basic Actor Track introduces the world of on camera acting through fun exercises, games and techniques designed to help you gain control over the 4 tools of the actor: The Face, The Voice, The Body, The Mind. Once the actor has complete control to manipulate each tool and merge them together...only then does he have a solid foundation on which to build technique for amazing performances!


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Classes Ongoing: August Through April

MONTH 1: Focus/Body Control


MONTH 2: Introduction to Acting Tools


MONTH 3:  Acting tools: Going to Extremes


MONTH 4:  Intro to audition technique and Improv


MONTH 5: Improv Work


MONTH 6: Introduction to Scenes


MONTH 7:  Showcase Prep


MONTH 4:  Intro to Character work

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• Improved Concentration

• Improved Focus

• Improved Reading Comprehension

• Improved Team Work

• Improved Problem Solving Skills

• Improved Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

• Improved Memorization

• Improved Public Speaking Skills

• Improved Confidence and Self-esteem
• Improved Listening skills



NO CONTRACT:  No contract withdrawal policy: No penalties to withdraw or terminate your auto draft payments. However, we must receive your written cancellation 10 days PRIOR to the next scheduled Automatic Withdrawal or termination calculations will start with the next month.  You must email your written cancellation to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

CONTRACT STUDENTS: In the event that you wish to be released from the Yearly Contract Option before your 9 months or your start month through April is completed, you will be subjected to an Early Termination Fee.  The Early Termination Fee is $280.  Early Termination Fee will be immediately charged to your card on file upon receipt of your withdrawal notice. You must email your written cancellation to f This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .