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Basic Acting Program

Prospective students can audit one class before registering. To audit, please call our office and schedule a time to audit a class.


For those who have little to no experience or who have taken 1 or 2 classes at The Actor's Scene or elsewhere. Teaches all the basics of acting for TV & Film. On-camera technique is taught through the filming of various types of commercial and scene scripts. 


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Session I Includes©: 

MONTH 1: Focus/Body Control

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Importance of Focusing

Week 3: Recording Day  

Week 4: Acting Tools Prep


MONTH 2: Introduction to Acting Tools

Week 5: Face, body, voice

Week 6: Commercial practice using acting tools

Week 7: Recording Day

Week 8: Improv Day using acting tools


MONTH 3:  Acting tools: Going to Extremes

Week 9:  Emotional Ranges

Week 10: Commercial practice with ranges

Week 11: Recording Day

Week 12:  Improv-Ranges


MONTH 4:  Intro to audition technique and Improv

Week 13: The Interview

Week 14: Commercial & Improv work

Week 15: Recording Day

Week 16: Improv Day



MONTH 5: Improv Review

Week 1: Review

Week 2: Improv Commercials

Week 3: Recording Day  

Week 4: Group Improv


MONTH 6: Introduction to Scenes

Week 5: Reaction work

Week 6: script work

Week 7: Recording Day

Week 8: character Improv


MONTH 7:  Character Study

Week 9:  Basic Concepts of Character work

Week 10: Practice Scenes in character

Week 11: Recording Day

Week 12:  Character Improv


MONTH 4:  Showcase prep

Week 13: Commercial Writing

Week 14: Finalizing Commercials

Week 15: Showcase Practice

Week 16: Fine tune for Showcase

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• Improved Concentration

• Improved Focus

• Improved Reading Comprehension

• Improved Team Work

• Improved Problem Solving Skills

• Improved Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

• Improved Memorization

• Improved Public Speaking Skills

• Improved Confidence and Self-esteem




Basic, Working, Advanced, Master, Alexander and Taped Audition Series:

Month to month plans: All payments are automatically drafted from credit/debit card. Student can withdraw from class and cancel autodraft with no penalties with 7 days written or emailed notification of stop payment request. Written or emailed notification 1-6 days before draft date -credit will be issued on student account. No refund after draft date.

Session/Year plans: Student can withdraw in middle of session/year however, cost of class will revert to month to month pricing. Refund for months not used will be given and refund will be calculated on month to month price. Discount is only for those students who complete the session/year as the discount is meant for those who take the full session/year.