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Maggie Jones

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Ben & Kate: Starring role: Weekly sitcom on Fox

We Bought a Zoo: Starring Role: Feature Film
Identity Theft: Supporting Role: Feature Film
Footloose: Supporting Role: Feature Film

Georgia Lottery
Ad Council
Kool Smiles
Rooms to Go

Fun Facts
Her first agent was J Pervis Talent who is based Atlanta
First Interviewed with her LA agency Osbrink on March 18, 2008. That interview was set up by Actor's Scene owner Nicolle Campbell
Younger sister of actress Mary Charles Jones
Would practice scripts her sister would bring home from acting class at TAS
Has a younger sister Lillian who is also an actress
Selena Gomez is her favorite singer (Oct 2012)
If she could have a superpower, she would choose Invisibility (Oct 2012)
Her favorite thing about acting? Meeting all the people and Craft services (Oct 2012)

Quotable Quotes

Fun Press
• Maggie Elizabeth Jones: The Zoo Girl
• Newnan Girl stars in New Fox Sitcom
Amazing 7 year old actress stuns NYC

• Interview with Ellen Degeneres: WATCH

• One of Maggie's first jobs, a PSA for WATCH

• Maggie gives Tour of We Bought a Zoo set: WATCH




Maggie Stars in Ben & Kate which airs on Fox, Tuesdays 8:30/7:30C


maggie boughtazoo

Maggie Jones stars in We Bought a Zoo

maggie footloose

Maggie with her sister Mary-Charles at the Footloose premiere


maggie chair

Maggie's chair on We Bought a Zoo set

maggie mcdowell

Maggie with Mary-Charles and Andie McDowell on set of Footloose


maggie quaid

Maggie and Mary-Charles with Dennis Quaid


maggies wondertime

 Pictures from Maggies first job in Los Angeles at the age of 4 in a shoot for Wondertime Magazine


maggiej head

 Maggie Elizabeth Jones