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Audition Tapings/Private Coaching


Audition Tapings/Private Coaching
TAS has state of art taping facility with professional sound/lighting/camera equipment to ensure you receive the best quality audition taping to send to casting.

$35: Half Hour Session
$65: Hour Session
$10: uploading/emailing audition link to agent or casting: Add on if you use all time, but still ONLY need uploading/emailing. This fee is to pay for coach time to upload your audition to the designated person/company. TAS does not pay for Actor's Access upload fees, or any fees incurred by student to upload an audition.

Guidelines for how much time to book:

30 minute session: 1-2 pages with complicated slating instructions OR Coaching,  OR 2-3 takes no coaching.
60 minute session: 3 + pages, multiple takes, or 3+ pages with coaching, 1-2 takes depending on length of script
These times MUST include uploading and sending to agent/casting. If your taping takes up all the scheduled time, you will be charged an extra upload fee or extra time if time is available. Otherwise, rescheduling will be required.


1. Print out your script and bring with you to taping session

2. Print out taping instructions from casting and bring to taping session

If you use up all the time in your session with recording takes and coaching but still need to upload/email link ONLY, $10 add on will be charged. If you are not finished taping when your time is up, you will need to book/pay for additional time. TAS does not pay for Actor's Access upload fees, or any fees incurred by student to upload an audition.

Your session time starts at your scheduled time, no exceptions. If you are late, you do not get extra time. We book tapings back to back according to the amount of time you book. So make sure you book enough time and are on time. 

If you go over time and no one is booked after you, and we can accommodate you, we will. However, you will be charged for extra time used. If someone is booked after you, we will stop at your allotted time and you will need to book additional time to finish. MUST BE MEMORIZED when you arrive for your taping. 

Sessions will provide coaching as time allows. 

All taping and coaching sessions MUST be PREPAID. To book, use our online scheduler by clicking HERE

PRIVATE LESSON REFUND POLICY: All private lessons and tapings must be pre-paid. No refunds. Cancelling at least 24 hours prior to lesson results in credit. You can reschedule your lesson with 24 hours notice with no penalties.