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About Us


OUR PHILOSOPHY: To build confidence and self esteem in each of our students by celebrating and praising their individual uniqueness and talents. To instill the belief that you can be successful in this industry without compromising your morals or values.

OUR MISSION: To provide a fun and safe environment for actors in the Atlanta area to grow their talents and enhance acting skills in the following areas: Auditioning techniques, On-Camera acting for film/TV, imagination, focus, motivation, characterization, believability, personality, Cold read, and Improv.

OUR GOAL FOR BEGINNERS: To introduce the amazing world of acting while concentrating on confidence building, stretching imagination, eliminating shyness, building focus and reading skills, building memorization skills in an enjoyable and fun environment.

OUR GOAL FOR SERIOUS ACTORS: To grow and enhance acting skills to a higher level so the actor can increase callbacks and bookings. To provide exposure opportunities to agents, managers, and casting directors so students can a build a network of contacts. We feel it's not only important to obtain the knowledge but to introduce students to career makers who can utilize that knowledge. We also aim to increase the level and numbers of the professional pool of actors in the southeast so networks and movie studios will feel more confident about casting major roles outside LA and NY.

OTHER DETAILS: We have programs for all skill levels for ages 4– adult in acting. Throughout the year long program, students will cover all aspects of the acting industry from TV to Film to Theater.

Our programs are designed to allow students to enter the programs throughout the year as long as space is available.

The programs have two sessions: Feburary-May, and August—November. Class sizes are small with 12 per class.

The Actor's Scene also offers various VIP workshops given by industry professionals to further educate actors who want to be a part of the business.

At the end of the year, students are eligible to perform at our showcase where agents, managers and casting directors are invited to view student performances. Many of our students are placed with agents through this process. The year long programs at The Actor’s Scene are designed to instill techniques, methods, and skills within the student while celebrating each person’s uniqueness and personality. In addition, we concentrate on self esteem building throughout the year in each of our classes.



• Improved Concentration

• Improved Focus

• Improved Reading Comprehension

• Improved Team Work

• Improved Problem Solving Skills

• Improved Verbal and Non-verbal Communication

• Improved Memorization

• Improved Public Speaking Skills

• Improved Confidence and Self-esteem