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It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Nicolle Rubenstein. During the year and a half that I have known her, Nicolle has been a valuable resource to my young son Ryan and me. Her preparedness and wealth of information about all aspects of acting and modeling was invaluable to me as a new parent in the industry. Nicolle helped guide us through the audition process, including preparation and valuable audition techniques, how to choose an agency, how to be a parent of a young actor by explaining how the industry works, what to expect, how to help my child develop himself as a young actor, and so much more. She always found ways to further enrich our Acting Convention training experience by scheduling seminars with working artists such as actor Patrick Johnson, and Model Shawn Ehlers. She was instrumental in bringing representatives from top agencies such as Arlene Wilson of Atlanta, and Abraham's Artists of Los Angeles, thus giving her students exposure and practical audition experience. In order that each student would be the most prepared to do their absolute best at the acting convention, each young actor and model received personal feedback from Nicolle every step of the way, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in their auditions, competitions, photo shoots, etc. During the convention, Nicolle worked tirelessly for her students by securing many private interviews with agents and managers early on in the week. She was easily accessible and was a valuable support system of encouragement for my son and me and helped us to truly make the most of this wonderful convention. Who knew a year and a half ago that we would relocate to Los Angeles and that my now 8-year old son would become a working actor! This would not have been possible if not for Nicolle's diligent work, guidance, and comprehensive training. In the short time that I have been in LA, I often receive comments and questions from other parents about my knowledge and preparedness with my son at auditions and bookings. Nicolle continues to exceed her duties as our training director by following up with us on a regular basis, still providing us with support, advice, and encouragement. Nicolle Rubenstein is a great asset to any student who wants to become an actor or model.

Dana Leigh Hanson