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Nicolle, Thank You so much for the fabulous experience the past year has brought!! WOW, what a whirlwind!! I never realized how valuable the training provided to us would be until we actually arrived to AMTC. The experience was absolutely AMAZING! And we felt way ahead of the GAME just because of the training that we received from the ACTORS SCENE! That training was obvious on AWARDS night with Kacey! Since AMTC she had a couple of offers from agencies but we chose to go with Coastal Talent Kids & Teens. Kacey recently modeled at Kids Day at Dillards (Mall of GA) and has been submitted for several other projects. We are anxiously awaiting the removal of the BRACES so we can make our trip to LA to meet with Phillip Marcus at KSA! Thanks again for such a great positive experience. We look forward to getting back to advanced Acting after Cheerleading is over!

Alison Reid