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I just wanted to take timeout and let you know the happiness you have brought to my son. Josh has always been a great kid and no one could ask for a better son but when it came to his self confidence it was very little. And he never got it when I tried to make him do the best at what ever he was doing. His response was that he was doing his best and he wished that I would see that. I know that the way he shined this past week and the way he is on cloud nine that he finally realized that he was as great and deserving as I was telling him. Bob Cook taking the time to just tell him thank you for changing his attitude and doing a better job, I think is what Josh loved the best out of all. You are an extraordinary lady with an amazing talent and I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave Josh. I got to tell you tell talk Bob and I had afterwards. I went up to him while everyone was taking pictures and asked him if it would be a good idea for Josh to buy a monologue book since that was his weakness and he laughed and said no kidding. He also said you were the lady with answers but he was going to talk to you about Josh and you can let us know what to get. We are ready to go forward with this and waiting on you to let us now how to do that. One hundred thank yous will never be enough but thank you from the bottom of this mom's heart for changing my son's life and making it better. Please tell Amiee squared that we know that we could not have done this with out them either. Especially Amiee Borne for the one on one with him.

Polly Kar