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Nicolle, Thanks for all of your help. I know I have thanked you before but you really don't know what this means to Malia. Malia has such a good heart and that is what I am most proud of her for. She was as happy when other kids won as when she won. Malia has struggled to find her niche. Her sister has always excelled at softball, pageants and cheerleading. Malia tries to be like her sister and participate in these activities. She is a good softball player and cheerleader but these really are not Malia's "things". Malia has always been very creative. She is so different from the rest of the family (even cousins) as far as personality and such. She has always loved to entertain, sing, tell hugely exaggerated stories, etc. These differences are also noticeable in school. This, unfortunately, has caused her some problems with teachers. When we came to Shea's recital, we never dreamt that we would find this wonderful world for Malia. She has gained so much confidence and is so happy, we can never thank you enough for that. The Amy's have been wonderful to Malia and have taught her so much. They really brought out Malia's personality, not only in performing but in everyday life. Malia has always loved to sing. Amy has pulled the best from Malia. These singing lessons have been invaluable. I can't wait to see what Malia sounds like in 2 or 3 months. Both of them are so fun and approachable. That is why they are so successful with the kids. AMTC would not have been as fun or successful without your guidance. The first day of AMTC was pretty nervewracking and scary...not because we were not prepared...but because we hadn't yet realized how prepared we were. Back in the room after the first day, we stopped and realized that everything was as you said it would be...pretty much exactly as you said. From that point on, it became fun and exciting, not scary or intimidating because you had prepared us for everything. Without your preparation and the Amys' instruction, Malia would not have done as well as she did. Callbacks...We went in hoping for 1 or 2. Never in a million years did we expect 15! And when Lola Blank said they were the "Who's who of callbacks", we were so grateful to you. We are also grateful for your guidance now, after the convention. With so many callbacks and decisions to make, it is so overwhelming. I wouldn't be able to do it without your guidance. It is greatly appreciated! If there is one piece of advice I can give your new AMTC class, it is to listen and do everything you tell them. There is a reason for everything you tell us to do or not to do. And, obviously, what you do works. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.