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Aimee and Nicolle, I just want to say thanks for providing the quality of training that you do!! We had an experience this weekend that, once again, validated thethings you are teaching our kids. Just as we were wondering if we canafford the continued investment in the kid's training, we have thisexciting experience: On Saturday, PJ got to shoot a Public Service Announcement for The Black Family Channel in DeKalb County. He got the script on Thursday, and had to memorize it in two days. It was about bicycle safety. While they were shooting, there were two things that the producer and the camera-man were reminding PJ to do. 1) "Look right into the camera" - The little birds flying around and cars driving by were obvious distractions that would pull PJ's eyes away from the camera, but you guys were just practicing that in class Thursday when they were saying their tougue twisters with someone trying to distract them!! 2) "Slow down and talk big" - I just had to remind PJ to say the lines just like you were doing in class the other day, and then he did it perfectly!! It is almost ironic, that those are the two big things that Aimee worked onwith the kids at PJ's class last Thursday!?!?! What a fantastic learningexperience for PJ to be able to put those things into practice almost immediately!! Oh yeah - one more exciting thing! The producer of these PSA's on Saturday,told me that she had wanted to use Mariah for one of the PSA's as well, butthey decided not to because one of the other producers said that Mariah isgoing to be a "field reporter" on their show "Lisa Knight and the Roundtable" which is like a teen-forum talk show type format. We haven't heard officially from that producer, but we're very anxiously awaiting that official phone call now!! Baby Steps - everything we do is good experience, and can possibly lead to something bigger!! Thanks for all you do!!

Jennifer Goolsby