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Nicolle, Thank You so much for the fabulous experience the past year has brought!! WOW, what a whirlwind!! I never realized how valuable the training provided to us would be until we actually arrived to AMTC. The experience was absolutely AMAZING! And we felt way ahead of the GAME just because of the training that we received from the ACTORS SCENE! That training was obvious on AWARDS night with Kacey! Since AMTC she had a couple of offers from agencies but we chose to go with Coastal Talent Kids & Teens. Kacey recently modeled at Kids Day at Dillards (Mall of GA) and has been submitted for several other projects. We are anxiously awaiting the removal of the BRACES so we can make our trip to LA to meet with Phillip Marcus at KSA! Thanks again for such a great positive experience. We look forward to getting back to advanced Acting after Cheerleading is over!

Alison Reid



Hi Nicolle!! I just wanted to thank you so much for all that you did to prepare our group to go to the AMTC! I felt that I was fully prepared for every competition that I was in and so was everyone else in our group. You and your great staff did a great job and I wish the best for you in the future! I had a great time at convention and I know it was an unforgettable experience for me!  Well, I also have a question about the contract with Joy. Am I supposed to sign it with her personally or what should I do? How should I get the contract to her? And is my Mom supposed to sign somewhere as well? Thank you for your time.




Hi Nicolle! I just want to drop you a note of gratitud for the program you and your staff have put together!  So far we've had three classes, and I've got to say, I look forward so much for Tuesday nights, for the classes are so informative, teaching, and fun. Thank you for allowing me to be a student of your school. I look forward to learning and applying everything as opportunities arise! Keep up the great work!

Christi Hahn



It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Nicolle Rubenstein. During the year and a half that I have known her, Nicolle has been a valuable resource to my young son Ryan and me. Her preparedness and wealth of information about all aspects of acting and modeling was invaluable to me as a new parent in the industry. Nicolle helped guide us through the audition process, including preparation and valuable audition techniques, how to choose an agency, how to be a parent of a young actor by explaining how the industry works, what to expect, how to help my child develop himself as a young actor, and so much more. She always found ways to further enrich our Acting Convention training experience by scheduling seminars with working artists such as actor Patrick Johnson, and Model Shawn Ehlers. She was instrumental in bringing representatives from top agencies such as Arlene Wilson of Atlanta, and Abraham's Artists of Los Angeles, thus giving her students exposure and practical audition experience. In order that each student would be the most prepared to do their absolute best at the acting convention, each young actor and model received personal feedback from Nicolle every step of the way, highlighting strengths and weaknesses in their auditions, competitions, photo shoots, etc. During the convention, Nicolle worked tirelessly for her students by securing many private interviews with agents and managers early on in the week. She was easily accessible and was a valuable support system of encouragement for my son and me and helped us to truly make the most of this wonderful convention. Who knew a year and a half ago that we would relocate to Los Angeles and that my now 8-year old son would become a working actor! This would not have been possible if not for Nicolle's diligent work, guidance, and comprehensive training. In the short time that I have been in LA, I often receive comments and questions from other parents about my knowledge and preparedness with my son at auditions and bookings. Nicolle continues to exceed her duties as our training director by following up with us on a regular basis, still providing us with support, advice, and encouragement. Nicolle Rubenstein is a great asset to any student who wants to become an actor or model.

Dana Leigh Hanson



If you and  your family have decided to support your child’s career in this industry you have come to the right place!  The training, guidance and support that is given by the Actor’s Scene is priceless.  Nicole goes far beyond a business relationship with each family.  She is very personable with each of her students. What I liked most about the Program is that each child is giving equal oppourtunity to develop their talent with the sky being the limit.  My children went from Atlanta Georgia to living in Beverly Hills California in 8 months, thanks to a great director like Nicole.
Good Luck to each of you and Welcome to the Actors Scene.

Dometrice Scandrick



I went to AMTC with the Actor's Scene during the summer... It was fantastic! You meet so many people from across the country and from other schools. The Actor's Scene though prepares you well for AMTC. I went for both modeling and acting. I mostly got modeling call backs and now I am currently signed with Elite Models in Atlanta. Even if you don't get call backs it sets you up for this career if you wish to persue it. You will have so much fun and wish you could stay. I enjoyed it so much, I know you will too.

Ethan Orisich



Dear Nicolle, We wanted to thank-you for today's informative meeting. We truly learned alot. It really opened our eyes to the business end. Learning all the Do's and Dont's and technical terms showed us what babe's in the woods we really are. I will never be able to thank-you enough for giving us your time and dedication to David's dream. He really looks foward to classes each week. It really has helped build his self-esteem. His size being smaller than most his classmates has really bothered him for several years. But going to Actors Scene each week has helped build his confidence. Summer camp was a blast and David came to love all his teachers. Which speaking of that he will really miss Riley this year. Thank-you for the Actor's Scene and all your help with AMTC!!!

Lori-ann and David Harber


Aimee and Nicolle, I just want to say thanks for providing the quality of training that you do!! We had an experience this weekend that, once again, validated thethings you are teaching our kids. Just as we were wondering if we canafford the continued investment in the kid's training, we have thisexciting experience: On Saturday, PJ got to shoot a Public Service Announcement for The Black Family Channel in DeKalb County. He got the script on Thursday, and had to memorize it in two days. It was about bicycle safety. While they were shooting, there were two things that the producer and the camera-man were reminding PJ to do. 1) "Look right into the camera" - The little birds flying around and cars driving by were obvious distractions that would pull PJ's eyes away from the camera, but you guys were just practicing that in class Thursday when they were saying their tougue twisters with someone trying to distract them!! 2) "Slow down and talk big" - I just had to remind PJ to say the lines just like you were doing in class the other day, and then he did it perfectly!! It is almost ironic, that those are the two big things that Aimee worked onwith the kids at PJ's class last Thursday!?!?! What a fantastic learningexperience for PJ to be able to put those things into practice almost immediately!! Oh yeah - one more exciting thing! The producer of these PSA's on Saturday,told me that she had wanted to use Mariah for one of the PSA's as well, butthey decided not to because one of the other producers said that Mariah isgoing to be a "field reporter" on their show "Lisa Knight and the Roundtable" which is like a teen-forum talk show type format. We haven't heard officially from that producer, but we're very anxiously awaiting that official phone call now!! Baby Steps - everything we do is good experience, and can possibly lead to something bigger!! Thanks for all you do!!

Jennifer Goolsby



At the Actors Scene we received   all of the training,  lectures,  skills,  knowledge,  attention to detail, and the motivation to give our son a REAL opportunity. But  most importantly, is the respect for family values from the teachers and staff  that helps you define your level of success. As always Thank you!!

Maria Stuart



Nicolle, You are the best. I was thinking about your teaching approach and I think you do all the right things. You have been a huge positive influence in our lives. I hope you have good mentors, too.

Patricia and Ethan



I just wanted to take timeout and let you know the happiness you have brought to my son. Josh has always been a great kid and no one could ask for a better son but when it came to his self confidence it was very little. And he never got it when I tried to make him do the best at what ever he was doing. His response was that he was doing his best and he wished that I would see that. I know that the way he shined this past week and the way he is on cloud nine that he finally realized that he was as great and deserving as I was telling him. Bob Cook taking the time to just tell him thank you for changing his attitude and doing a better job, I think is what Josh loved the best out of all. You are an extraordinary lady with an amazing talent and I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave Josh. I got to tell you tell talk Bob and I had afterwards. I went up to him while everyone was taking pictures and asked him if it would be a good idea for Josh to buy a monologue book since that was his weakness and he laughed and said no kidding. He also said you were the lady with answers but he was going to talk to you about Josh and you can let us know what to get. We are ready to go forward with this and waiting on you to let us now how to do that. One hundred thank yous will never be enough but thank you from the bottom of this mom's heart for changing my son's life and making it better. Please tell Amiee squared that we know that we could not have done this with out them either. Especially Amiee Borne for the one on one with him.

Polly Kar



I have known Nicole Rubenstein for the past 4 years. We worked together in Atlanta and I had the opportunity to learn quite a bit from her. Nicolle is a true professional and dedicated to her career as a teacher and guiding light to students. As a former Model of the Year winner (1996), I know the hard work that goes into modeling and preparing aspiring Models and Actors for these types of careers. I strongly recommend Nicolle Rubenstein; she knows what it takes to succeed in this business and knows what agents are looking for. I currently live in Los Angeles where I've just completed working on 2FAST 2 FURIOUS. I co-starred with Paul Walker and Tyrese in the much anticipated sequel to THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS. Nicolle was very instrumental in helping me get a manager here in L.A. and now I am represented by Don Buchwald and Associates. Thanks Nicolle!

Roberto "Sanz" Sanchez



Nicolle, Thanks for all of your help. I know I have thanked you before but you really don't know what this means to Malia. Malia has such a good heart and that is what I am most proud of her for. She was as happy when other kids won as when she won. Malia has struggled to find her niche. Her sister has always excelled at softball, pageants and cheerleading. Malia tries to be like her sister and participate in these activities. She is a good softball player and cheerleader but these really are not Malia's "things". Malia has always been very creative. She is so different from the rest of the family (even cousins) as far as personality and such. She has always loved to entertain, sing, tell hugely exaggerated stories, etc. These differences are also noticeable in school. This, unfortunately, has caused her some problems with teachers. When we came to Shea's recital, we never dreamt that we would find this wonderful world for Malia. She has gained so much confidence and is so happy, we can never thank you enough for that. The Amy's have been wonderful to Malia and have taught her so much. They really brought out Malia's personality, not only in performing but in everyday life. Malia has always loved to sing. Amy has pulled the best from Malia. These singing lessons have been invaluable. I can't wait to see what Malia sounds like in 2 or 3 months. Both of them are so fun and approachable. That is why they are so successful with the kids. AMTC would not have been as fun or successful without your guidance. The first day of AMTC was pretty nervewracking and scary...not because we were not prepared...but because we hadn't yet realized how prepared we were. Back in the room after the first day, we stopped and realized that everything was as you said it would be...pretty much exactly as you said. From that point on, it became fun and exciting, not scary or intimidating because you had prepared us for everything. Without your preparation and the Amys' instruction, Malia would not have done as well as she did. Callbacks...We went in hoping for 1 or 2. Never in a million years did we expect 15! And when Lola Blank said they were the "Who's who of callbacks", we were so grateful to you. We are also grateful for your guidance now, after the convention. With so many callbacks and decisions to make, it is so overwhelming. I wouldn't be able to do it without your guidance. It is greatly appreciated! If there is one piece of advice I can give your new AMTC class, it is to listen and do everything you tell them. There is a reason for everything you tell us to do or not to do. And, obviously, what you do works. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.