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The "IT" Factor - Talent Show


Nov 7, 2015


Open to everyone ages 4-100. You do NOT have to be an Actor's Scene student to enter! Need material to perform? See our monologues page!
Panel of VIP Casting and Film Directors will judge contestants and decide the winners! Don't Miss Out! Click Here to see who is judging.

1.  The Talent show will be held Nov 7 at 1pm at Christian City Church at 1065 Walther Blvd, Lawrenceville GA, 30043. All Talent should arrive no later than 12:15pm to check in. General Doors will open at 12:30pm. Parents will not be allowed to enter until general doors open. Late arrivals may be disqualified. Show will start at 1pm.
2.   Those with instrumental acts must bring own equipment/instruments. A hand held mike will be provided to all singers. 
3.   All those who register to perform at the talent show must pay an entry fee of $75 per entry. You may enter in more than one category: for example you can perform a monologue and sing etc, but you may enter no more than TWO acts.. Each additional act is $50.
4.  Once space is filled, registration will be closed and no person will be allowed to add acts, or allowed to register. Registration will close after 175 acts are registered. Space is first come first served.
5.   All acts must be one minute or less. If you enter more than one act, each act is limited to one minute.
6.  Space is limited as we only have so much time to perform. To ensure you get a spot, register early.
7.  For singers, talent can bring a one minute back up music (karaoke style) on CD. Please have blank label on outside cover for us to write your contestant number on. Turn in your music when you register. If your music is not already cut to one minute, we will start the music at the beginning and cut it off at one minute--no exceptions.
8.  All prizes will be awarded the night of the talent show. All decisions are final. Guest/Parent/Adult Admission to the show is $15, kids 3-12 are $10 and 2 and Under are Free.  Cash/Check only.
9.  All performances must stay within the one minute time limit or be disqualified. Acts will be scored on a point value system from 1 to 30 points, 30 being the highest by all judges. Scores will then be tabulated with highest score winning.
10.  Judges will be given contact info of each contestant so that they may contact the contestant for auditions or projects they may be casting/directing.
11.  No trade-outs, changes or altering of prizes will be allowed. Prizes will be awarded as is. Arrangements must be made on your end to accept prizes and time periods. If you cannot use your prize during the time period, that prize will be null and void.
12.  Audience members may take photos. No video is allowed.
13.  You may dress in costume if your piece warrants it. Otherwise, black pants and a bright, solid colored shirt work best on stage.
14. All Material must be family friendly and contain NO profanity, vulgarity, violence, or sexual content. Material must be age appropriate to contestant performing it. We reserve the right to stop an act in the middle of performance if a contestant does not follow this guideline. We also reserve the right to disqualify any contestant for any reason.
15. All music must be family friendly and contain no profanity, vulgarity, violence, or sexual content.
16.  If you need help choosing material to perform, you can choose one of our monologues from our website. Under the Exposure Opportunities tab at top of page, go to It Factor, then 1 minute monologues.
17. All contestants may bring a headshot/resume to leave with each judge. If you don't have a headshot, then a recent picture with name and contact info written on back will be sufficient. 
18.  There will be 3-5 Industry Professional VIPs that will judge and determine the winner. All decisions are final.

Grand Prize-Value $3000
*  $300 Cash, 1 year of  Life Skills, Basic, Working or Advanced Program,* 1 year of 1 hour tapings/private Lessons*, 1 Week Summer Camp (can be given to relative/friend if winner is adult)* 3 Week Class for you and 1 friend
1st Runner Up--Value $2000
* $150 Cash*, 1 year of 1 hour private lessons*,  Session Life Skills, Basic, Working or Advanced Program
*  1 3 week class 2016, Summer Camp 2016 Registration (can be given to friend/relative if winner is adult)* 
2nd Runner Up-Value $800
: $75 Cash Prize
*  Session of Life Skills, Basic, Working or Advanced Classes* 3 Week Improv Class*, 1 One hour audition taping/private Lesson
3rd Runner Up-Value $400
  $50 Cash,  2 Months of Life Skills, Basic, Working or Advanced Classes *3 Week Improv Class*,
All other participants will have exposure to our panel of industry VIP's!  *Be sure to check out our VIP Panel of judges and read their bios!
Only $75 Registration Fee!
(includes One Act!)
Registration is a two part process. Click link to pay your registration fee. We will then email you to obtain contestant information to complete the registration.
Click Here to Register/Pay
Or Register and Pay over the phone
Grand Prize Winner - Stormy Merriweather

• 1st Runner Up -Cubby Rupers
• 2nd Runner Up - Rachel Howell
• 3rd Runner Up - Kyler Parker
*The Actor's Scene reserves its right to cancel It Factor event for any reason including not enough acts or registrations. If show is canceled due to reasons within control of Actor's Scene, ie not enough registrations, all paid registrations will be refunded.

* Year and session of classes must be redeemed in January of 2016.

*Month class winner must be redeemed within the 2016 calendar year.

*3 Week class must be redeemed in 2015/16 calendar year.

*One year of 1 hour private lessons are ONE a month for 12 months with Coach of winners choice. Must be redeemed each month of 2016 calendar year. Winner must make arrangements for date/time each month with coach and is subject to coach's availability.

*All other private lesson redemptions must be made in 2016 calendar year.